The majesty of STROMBOLI

A perfect volcanic cone rises in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is the island of Stromboli, probably the most evocative and fascinating of the Aeolian archipelago.

The island is a formidable landscape where the beauty of a blue sea is combined with the extraordinary activity of its volcano.

The majesty of "Iddu", He, as the locals call him, with its rhombuses, puffs of fire, smoke and lapilli at regular intervals, gives a fascinating and exciting atmosphere. An incredible spectacle of nature that bewitches and attracts tourists, and enchants the inhabitants every day.

Stromboli allows it to be inhabited only because the eruptive material is projected from the mouths of the crater along the steep slope of the Sciara del Fuoco, in the north-eastern part of the island. The main town is Stromboli, once a thriving agricultural town that exported its products including olive trees, vines, figs and wine, throughout Europe in exchange for grain, today the island's tourist port. Having abandoned the cultivation following the strong emigration of the islanders starting from the 1930s, the Strombolans have placed tourism at the center of their business, so much so that there are numerous accommodation opportunities with hotels, bed & breakfasts and rental homes.

Through the small intertwining of streets, in which only electric vehicles move, it is possible to reach the beautiful beaches of Ficogrande and Piscità or head inland to visit the Church of San Vincenzo, from where you can admire a fantastic panorama overlooking the Strambolicchio rock, the result of one of the oldest volcanic eruptions of all the Aeolian Islands (it is thought to date back to 360,000 years ago).

On the southern coast of the island stands the tiny and isolated village of Ginostra, accessible only by sea, with the smallest port in the world Porto Pertuso.

The climb to the peaks of the volcano is a must for the more trained. Easily organized with local guides, it takes about three hours to walk along the almost all 926 m high mountain and admire the seductive scenery up close.

Once you reach the top near the mouths of the volcano, after a path of rare beauty characterized by enchanting views, the majesty of the force of nature that will appear before you will be surprising: lava eruptions, lapilli, dense clouds that smell of sulfur.

However, it will be the night that will definitively sanction your love for the island. Tremendously starry nights, due to the deliberate lack of night lighting on the island, the noise of the waves, the roar of the ground, the rumbling of Iddu and the incandescent lava that becomes extremely visible along the Sciarra until it meets the sea. It will leave you amazed, speechless and grateful to mother nature for this fabulous Sicilian show.

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