TREMITI ISLANDS, pearls of Adriatic Sea

A crystalline sea, unspoiled nature and a proliferating marine vegetation are the characteristics that make the Tremiti Islands a corner of paradise in the heart of the Adriatic Sea.

Consisting of five islands located about 20 km from the Gargano coasts, the archipelago is easily accessible by sea from the main ports of Abruzzo, Molise and northern Puglia.

If the three islets of Capraia, Pianosa and Cretaccio are no more than uninhabited rocks in the middle of the sea, this is not the case for the two main islands of San Nicola and San Domino.

The island of San Nicola is the inhabited, administrative and religious center of the archipelago. With an evocative landscape characterized by the famous Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare, San Nicola represents an important historical and cultural center of the islands.

The monastery-fortress, in fact, built by a hermit following, according to legend, a vision of the Madonna, in the fourth century AD, is known for being an important religious center, but also a penal colony and land of confinement. during the fascist period. The visual impact of the monastery from the sea is extraordinary.

The Segati rocks and the cave of San Michele, famous for its skull shape and its turquoise-fluorescent waters, are, however, some of the island's natural beauties that deserve to be visited.

San Domino, the largest island, as well as the main tourist center, with its dense forest of Pini d'Aleppo and Lecci, its bays, its high and rocky coasts with overhanging cliffs and its breathtaking promontories, presents a landscape of absolute environmental splendor.

The excursions by rubber dinghy, easily organized, to discover the fascinating caves, such as the cave of the marine blue, that of the violets or that of the rondinelle and the numerous hidden coves, real oases of peace and tranquility, make the trip to the tremiti islands a unforgettable experience.

For fans of fins and goggles this exceptional archipelago is one of the most important tourist centers in the Puglia region. Awarded several times with the blue flag for the quality of its waters and declared a Marine Reserve since 1989, it is a true paradise for diving enthusiasts.

A place so enchanting that it can only find its genesis in the myth and legend of an Achaean hero, Diomedes, who unconsciously gave rise to the islands by throwing three stones into the sea.

History, legend and sublime landscapes come together to give the archipelago a magical aura. Magic that has bewitched and found, over the years, illustrious "ambassadors" of its uniqueness such as the great singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla, who had made the Tremiti his second home and his source of inspiration and to whom he had paid homage in his album Luna Matana , taking the name of the sandy cove of San Domino Cala Matana.

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